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Order Any of Our Bracelets Today! 100% of the proceeds are donated to cover funeral expenses and headstones for stillborn babies.

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"Forever in your Heart."

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As we reflect back on the year we recognize the generosity of many who have helped make the FlutterBy IzzyJane Foundation possible.

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Forever Bracelets, Forever Baby Bracelets and FlutterBy Bracelets are so much more than delightful, personalized pieces of jewelry. These special bracelets were designed and introduced to serve a higher purpose. Forever Bracelets reflect the powerful, everlasting bond instantly created between a mother and her stillborn baby.

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First and foremost, we are deeply sorry for your loss. We understand first hand that it is shocking and hard to understand why this happened and we wish we could take away your pain. The FlutterBy IzzyJane Foundation was set up to help families with funeral expenses whose babies were “born sleeping”.

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With Every Purchase, We Donate to Families in Need

The FlutterBy IzzyJane Foundation is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization and was built around the idea of aiding families who have recently lost an infant from a stillbirth. Because we keep our mission in mind with everything we do, we are able to donate 100 percent of the bracelet proceeds to families who are currently experiencing difficult times due to a stillborn birth.

Our Forever Bracelets were created as a way to raise money for infant loss support. These bracelets don’t just represent the donation you are making to aid a family in need, they also make great gifts for friends, daughters, mothers, sisters, spouses, and grandmothers.

How Purchasing Friendship Bracelet Gives Stillborn Support to Families

When you purchase a bracelet, whether you want to give it as a friendship bracelet or keep it for yourself, the proceeds from your purchase are directly used for infant loss support. This monetary aid will help a family pay for funeral expenses and allow members of the FlutterBy IzzyJane Foundation be there while these families are grieving.

Our Forever Bracelets are donated to mothers and babies to help them through the grieving process and are symbolic for families who have had a stillborn baby directly impact their lives. However, even if you or your family members have not been affected by the loss of an infant, you can help the families who have been affected by purchasing a bracelet and wearing it in remembrance and support.

The FlutterBy IzzyJane Foundation Always Stays True to Our Mission

As a non-profit organization, we pledge to give all of the proceeds from the donations and the purchases of the bracelets to families who need your support. After the founders of our organization experienced the loss of an infant, it was clear that there were other families who would surely benefit from having stillborn support in the midst of trying times.

You can aid us on our mission by looking at our Forever Bracelets, wearing them yourself, or gifting them to someone close to you.

To purchase your Forever Bracelet, please visit the FlutterBy IzzyJane Foundation’s website today.

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