Best Friend Titanium Dog Tag Pendant


Titanium | 48 x 35 x 2.3mm

We have had requests for all different types of engravings to be done on the heart charm, See some ideas for your order today:

  • “Best” / “Friends” for friends wanting to represent their forever friendship
  • Mother Names
  • Daughters Names
  • Babies Names
  • Names and birth dates
  • Boyfriends Names
  • Children’s Initials

50 in stock

Custom Engraving

SKU: TP806:101:P



We have had requests for all different types of engravings to be done on the our custom dog tags, See some ideas for your order today:

  • “Best” / “Friends” for friends wanting to represent their forever friendship
  • Mother Names
  • Daughters Names
  • Babies Names
  • Names and birth dates
  • Boyfriends Names
  • Children’s Initials

Additional information

Engraving Available

Inquire about engraving, 25 spaces per tag, additional $13

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