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When fetal death occurs after 20 weeks of pregnancy, it is called stillbirth. These tragic deaths occur about 1 in 160 pregnancies. Where some may think it is comforting and helpful to know you aren’t alone in your tragedy and that there are many others who have had stillborn children. In reality it isn’t any easier knowing others have gone through what you are about to go through. It still hurts just the same and you still feel alone without the child that has been adored and longed for for months. Although it is still hard and it is still painful, stillborn support groups are to help you learn to grieve and to cope with the tragedy you are facing, not to erase the pain and make it easier. They provide you with opportunities to let it all out and share your feelings of anger and despair. Helping you fully grieve and overcome this trial.

In our family, forever bracelets were a major support group for us. Just over 2 years ago my family experienced the painful tragedy of losing my baby niece. Being the first grandbaby there was a lot of anticipation and excitement for her arrival. Being past the due date we all knew little IzzyJane would be with us in no time. I remember receiving the phone call on June 30th answering with such excitement thinking it was time she was finally coming! To much shock the news was so different and heart breaking. To hear there was no heart beat and our sweet IzzyJane was going to be stillborn was hard news to take. I was crushed. Later in the hospital the first forever bracelets were given to mother and baby. What a sweet gesture that was, meaning so much to every one of us.

Now, we all have our own forever bracelets to continually remind us that our sweet angel is with us always and forever will be. She is apart of our family and we love her and can feel her love for us by wearing these bracelets.

A bracelet with meaning, each bracelet purchased helps the IzzyJane foundation give to a family experiencing a stillbirth of their own. Buy your forever bracelet now to bring you and your family peace and love, great mother daughter bracelets, friendship bracelets.

Written By: W.A.S.

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